Project Department

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  • The most important of Enactus IU with the implementations of projects that support community and help disadvantaged people improve their life.
  • The task is to give an idea about projects and to ensure that projects connect with the criteria of ENACTUS WORLD WIDE. Find information by actual surveys in the region. Then, planning and reviewing issues that may occur during the project, next building and developing those projects assists people in need increase income and improve living standards.
  • The attitude of working: all members to be closer and united. Members can freely give opinions. However, there are some rules to ensure the job is done rigorously, professionally and timely.
  • Recently, Project department initially construct two projects that are related to Business English and healthcare. With large investment, we hope that we can succeed in both contribute social benefit and support the growth of ENACTUS IU.

Enactus IU

For Society, By Entrepreneurship


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