Introduction of Enactus IU

1.     Brand name: Enactus of  International University (Enactus IU)

2.     About Enactus: Enactus is a non-profit international organization that gathers students and leaders throughout the world, who undertake to use the power of business so as to improve the quality and standard of life for those needs. The initial name is IU SIFE (students in free enterprise) that was founded in January 9/2011, and then Enactus IU was changed to the current name on 10/2012.
3.     Mission: To leverage the journey of personal development with knowledge and skills.
4.     Vission: A community of potential leader through the power of entrepreneurial experience.
5.     Core value:
–          Self-starter experience
–          IU oriented
–          Society oriented

6.     Structure:
Enactus IU includes 5 departments with specific roles:
–          Project Department: helping our community improve the standard of life through the implementation of projects.
–          Finance Department: ensuring financial flow, controlling inside and outside financial resources.
–          Human Resources Department: helping members of Project Department, Finance Department and Communication Department connect closer.
–          Communication Department: building, developing and promoting the picture of ENACTUSIU to students of International University, students in the southern of Vietnam.
–          External Relations Department: enlarging the networking with others club inside and outside of IU, others Enactus and a couples of companies.

7.     The specific activities:
–          Chat with SIFE Alumni: An event that guests, who had been leaders of Enactus from Foreign Trade University and Economy University, share their experiences of leadership.
–          1stSonoridad: “Acoustic Night” with the cooperation Enactus IU, ArTeam IU and Guitar Club. Thereby, relationships between the clubs are increased and the business of Cliché café is more diverse.
–          Fe4st: This is a community project called “Fe4st – Felt Toy For Smile “by Enactus IU. The project is series of activities to help disabled women in District 4 increase their income by training them how to make fleece fabric products as well as assist them in integrating to society.
–          Sweet X’mas – 5cents Project: Sending Christmas greetings to the departments and classes of International University, especially, special gift and fleece fabrics handmade cards for vendors in the Notre Dame Cathedral – Bệt Café. Enactus IU hopes that everyone can have a warm Christmas with love.
–          MBA Workshop: The workshop provides students of University International with MBA knowledge and sharing experiences from former Enactus IU Alumni with assistance from SUMMA academy.
–          Spring Recruitment: The process of finding new talents and passionate hearts to prepare for a long-term progress of ENACTUS IU. 3 exciting rounds: SELF-Introduction, Group Presentation and Internship. More 200 applying forms for the first round. 7 meaningful days to get experiences in the Internship round. 1 big chance to become Enactus. That created an interesting recruitment.
–          Giang Dien – Welcome Newbies: After overcame many competitors in Spring Recruitment was welcomed by a trip in Giang Dien. That was a memorable trip that combined more than 30 people in Enactus IU. Giang Dien Trip was inspired newbies to concentrate on Enactus IU.
–          Sweet Journey: Event that sold candy in Mickey shape by telling a story about Mickey. Mickey candy was sold inside and outside of IU for many social projects. From 13/05– 17/05/2013, people visited fan page of Enactus IU was increased to 14742,952 people talked about this event and Mickey Candy was attracted a lot of IU students.
–          Mirror Mirror (18/06/2013): A night party for all members of Enactus. This party was organized once per year. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most unique of tonight?” With participants are SIFE UEH, Enactus UT, FTU and RMIT, this party was amazing not only for members of Enactus IU but also for participants.
–          Team Building: Enactus team-building among IU, University of Technology (UT) and College of Foreign Economic Relations (COFER) was organized in 09/05/2013 with the attendance of more than 50 members came from these university and college. This was a closely teambuilding, an explored day and a big chance to get more memorable experiences.
–          Enactus Southern Summer Camp: A camping trip was hosted by Enactus IU and 8 different universities all over the Southern. More than 100 Enactus members came from these universities, 1 day to exchange and 1 big chance to enlarge your relationship.
–          Project Management: We were so proud to participate in Project Training for South Enactus on 24/12/2012, which was presented by Mrs.Shimita Ramkumar (Managing Director of Enactus Viet Nam), Ms.Nguyen Thuy Binh (Country leader of Enactus VN) and Faculty Advisors of other Enactus. 4 big advantages you will get from this training: 1. Networking, 2. Skills, 3.Knowledge, 4. Developing Enactus spirit.
–          2nd Sonoridad (11/07/2013): An acoustic event for graduated people to remind of memories about high school, which was organized in 11 July. Purpose for this event is raising fund for social project. With the participant of USSH, IU, FTU, Le Hong Phong High School, especially Vu Cat Tuong, this event was attractive more than 100 people inside and outside IU came and enjoyed. With the campaige “Hồi cấp 3 tôi đã từng…”, it attracted more than 150 students took part in to get free ticket, fan  page Enactus IU increased 100 likes after 1 week, tickets were sold out on 5 days. Sonoridad was really an impressive event for almost participants.

8.     List of management:
–          Bùi Việt Tiến
–          Lê Hà Ninh
–          Trần Thụy Nhật Uyên
–          Hồ Thanh Phương
–          Mai Hồng Ngọc
–          Nguyễn Thư Sinh

9.     Contact information:
–          Facebook:
–          Email:
–          Youtube:
–          Blog:

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Enactus IU

For Society, By Entrepreneurship


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